The Success of One Person With a Vision

For over fourteen years, Linda Hannay (Mrs. Rodney Hannay) has been putting into action several of her great ideas for raising money to pay for repairs on the St. Andrews United Church. Through lots of hard work and dedication, Linda has raised over $65,000 dollars. Linda enrolled the help of Myrtle McWilliam, Margie Wilson and her mom, Jean Girvan, to help with some of her initiatives.

Over the years, Linda’s fundraising efforts have helped to complete much-needed repairs to the church. Now that the restoration committee’s fundraising is underway, Linda wants her fundraising money to be directed towards the restoration fund.

Linda’s fundraising activities includes:

  • Since 1999, Linda’s ongoing fundraising initiative involves the sale of $10.00 “Memory Bulb Tree Cards” that are designed to be given out during the year as a memorial for the passing of a loved one or as a gift card for a birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion. In 2012, this fundraiser successfully raised over $3000.

The “Memory Cards” can be purchased any time by calling Jean Girvan  at   523-6647 or Linda Hannay 523-4316.

  • In 2011, Linda expanded her fundraising efforts by creating the St. Andrews Church calendar. She worked with local residents to gather photos taken of the church over the years. Each month of the year, in the calendar, features a stunning photo taken from past-years and seasons. The fundraiser was a real success raising over $3600.
  • In 2011 Linda started the “Nickel Saving Fund”, recognizing that it would be easy for everyone to participate by saving their nickels, rolling them and dropping off. Every nickel counted toward the initiative’s success of raising $2,229.

The restoration committee would like to say a big “Thank You” to Linda and her helpers for their fundraising efforts that made it possible to complete several church repairs, over the years, to this grand old building.

St. Andrews United Church Restoration Committee

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