Restoration plan overview

Our mission is to restore and preserve St. Andrew’s United Church, a historical landmark. In doing so, we will bring the past to the present for the future of the congregation and the community.

St. Andrew’s United Church – One of three churches served by the Rexton Pastoral Charge.

Since 1825, St. Andrew’s United Church has been bringing people together for worship, outreach, stewardship and fellowship within the congregation and the wider community.

Built approximately 150 years ago during the ministry of Rev. James Law (father of Andrew Bonar Law) and framed using the shipbuilding technology of the day in its structure, its stately silhouette stands on the north shore of the Richibucto River in the heart of Rexton, New Brunswick.  This is the third building in the 187 year life of the congregation and community.  St. Andrew’s United Church has long stood as a landmark of the Village of Rexton admired and loved by the congregation, the wider community and visitors alike.

Recently, the congregation voted to repair and restore our existing church facility while maintaining the exterior integrity of the building and designing the interior to create a multifunctional, multipurpose facility that will meet today’s standards for inclusion of all, safety and building code regulations and the capacity for the use of ever advancing technology in our education programs and community events and activities.

A Restoration Committee has been established to oversee this extensive undertaking which will consist of four phases:

  • Phase I         $300,000.00
  • Roofing, raise the church two feet, foundation, insulation, repair windows, repair pillars, replace siding, add new access and landscaping.
  • Phase II        $220,000.00
  • Geothermal Heating system, lighting, washrooms, plaster restoration, floor refinished, emergency exit and balcony railing.
  • Phase III       $180,000.00
  • Construct a two story addition to the rear of the church architecturally matching the existing building. This 2300 square foot addition will accommodate offices and common space.

Through the website the goal is to communicate and provide progress reports, fund raising initiatives, and to promote our agenda of activities.  We are seeking the involvement and support (financially and otherwise) of all stakeholders – the congregation; residents and businesses of Rexton and the wider community; family and friends abroad; and all others with ties to the church and community who wish to ensure the rich history of St. Andrew’s United church as a gathering place for all worshippers and believers as well as a long standing landmark of the village.