Scuba diving near the United Church

Shipwrecks are usually a thing of fantasy, something you read about in a fantasy book about pirates. When most people think of shipwrecks, they figure that they’re in the middle of the ocean, under atmospheres of water. Many people don’t know that there are shipwrecks here in the Richibucto River, just beside our church!

One of these wrecks is the ‘Dwina’, one of the last of the Jardine ships to be built. She was docked at the Jardine shipyard for repairs when she went down. This was a known, documented wreck. However, now that Jody Pratt has started his Scuba diving school here in Rexton, there has been more divers in the water. Jody was one of the divers who found the second wreck by Carson’s landing. This is a recent finding, and has yet to be identified.

I was lucky enough to be taken down to see both of these wrecks with the direction and instruction of Jody Pratt. It was nothing short of amazing to see the wrecks with my own eyes, and sift through the wreckage with my own hands. The shipbuilding history of our town helped develop our town, and the people in it. Without the Jadrine’s starting their shipbuilding industry, there would have been no Kingston, and thusly no Rexton. Without the development of our town, our church would never been built.

Post by: Jade Carruthers

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