Restoration progress update – the interior

I thought it was time that I give you all another update on the progress made since late last autumn, as well as during the winter (which seems to be still continuing given the latest snowfall).

Bit by bit we are working our way through restoring our church with the generous support of not just the community, but also people from afar. Thanks to the constant fund raising efforts we have raised more than $576,000 to date! The revised estimate of $725,000 will be needed to complete the renovations for Phase II – or $149,000 to go.

Around the middle of October we installed our new boiler and heating system. Mr. Jim Morris of Moncton generously donated the boiler. We chose a propane boiler because of its energy efficiency. The new boiler operated well throughout a very cold winter. I think that everyone was glad for the warmth during the services. We received an Energy N.B. rebate for our energy efficient boiler.

G.L. Cassie Ltd of Richibucto installed the new boiler, and a new air exchanger in the basement to control the humidity and moisture in the building. They also installed a new water system, including a hot water tank, our new bathroom and a set tub in the basement for the janitor.

The church was completely rewired to bring it up to standard and all new light fixtures throughout the interior.

The railing on the steps leading to the stage/choir has been extended for safety, and we have removed the old worn carpet.

By the end of November we replaced the colour glass windows at the front of the church.

The work on Phases I and II continues in 2014. Upcoming work will include:

  • New front doors with new casings, repairs to entrance 
window and mouldings
  • Exterior pillar work not finished last fall
  • Additional drywall installation to entire sanctuary
  • Floor refinishing
  • New balcony railing and emergency exit
  • Second washroom
  • Storm window repair
  • Complete interior painting
  • New front steps and walkways
  • Landscaping

Phase III will add an architecturally matching extension housing offices and multipurpose space for the entire community.

We need your help to continue the work of bringing this Rexton landmark back to life! Your valued donation at this time, large or small, will help complete the journey. We greatly appreciate all contributions.

– Paul Warren


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