Needed Repairs

We have a lot of repairs to make to the building. There are many things that need to be restored, repaired, replaced or repainted. Through our blog posts we will keep you updated with our progress and share before and after photos with you.

  1. New roof
  2. New foundation – raise the church two feet
  3. Insulation of walls, ceiling and floors
  4. New siding
  5. Repair windows
  6. Repair pillars
  7. Add new access
  8. Landscaping
  9. Geothermal Heating system
  10.  Fix lighting
  11. Add washrooms
  12. Plaster restoration
  13. Floor refinished
  14. Emergency exit
  15. Raise balcony railing
  16. Construct a two story addition to the rear of the church architecturally matching the existing building. This 2300 square foot addition will accommodate offices and common space.
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