The Late April Storm did not stop Megan Thibeault wonderful performance

On April 24th despite it being a very stormy night with a spring snowstorm raging,  concert -goers in the Rexton area were treated to an evening of classical piano music at St. Andrew’s United Church.  Pianist Megan Thibeault was home from Ottawa for a short visit and performed her repertoire which she had prepared for the 2014  Canadian Music Competition in Halifax.

Megan has completed her Masters in Piano Performance from the University of Ottawa and is continuing her piano studies this summer at Le Centre D’arts Orford in Quebec.  She delighted the audience with selections by; Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Prokofiev, Scarlatti and Olivier Messiaen. Megan also provided her audience with some background information on the each of the selected pieces and their composers.

With the unseasonal storm keeping many people home and off the dangerous roads, the audience helped to raise over $600.00 for the St. Andrew’s Restoration Fund!  Megan was delighted to perform in this historical setting with its outstanding natural acoustics.

It was also an opportunity to hear 118 year old Heinseman piano which has recently been revived from storage in the church hall. The audience thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to hear such beautiful music in our lovely old church.

If you wish to hear one of the pieces Megan played on April 24th, she has uploaded the Olivier Messiaen piece – “Selections from Vingt regards sur l’enfant Jesus” – on Youtube.

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