Jade Carruthers’ summer at the United Church

My summer working for the Rexton Pastoral Charge has been nothing short of interesting! I never knew all the history that surrounded not only our town, but our church as well.

I have done numerous things from researching Rexton and the surrounding area, to helping organize and teach the Vacation Bible School. I’ve been able to look through old records to try to piece together some of our history of the property our church stands on.

Randy Cochrane has been a great help over the summer, and he opened my eyes to some more of the history that surrounds the church property. I had no idea that there were historical artifacts washing up on our shores, pieces of clay pipes to be exact. I also wasn’t aware that there were shipwrecks in the river adjacent to the United Church. I had the opportunity to see them myself with the help of Jody Pratt and his Scuba Diving exp


Post by: Jade Carruthers

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