Buying your groceries using Foodland and Coop Gift Cards helps us raise money

Thanks to Kenny Glencross for giving us a great idea for raising additional money for the church restoration – Foodland (Sobeys) and Coop Gift Cards!

It’s an easy way for us to raise extra money with very little effort.

Here’s how it works…

The committee buys the gift cards upfront in cash and in return we are given a discount. This discount then goes towards our fundraising efforts. Coop gives us 10% and Foodland 5%.

There is no cost to the purchaser of the gift cards. If you buy a card for $50, then you redeem it for $50 worth of food and other items at Coop or Foodland. And you can still use your AirMiles cards to collect points!

We are selling gift cards in $50 and $100 denominations. You can buy your gift cards from the following people:

Al Corcoran (427-0467)

Linda (Rodney) Hannay (523-4316)

Paul Warren (523-4916)

Buy your groceries and support the church restoration!

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